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Jennifer Haskin has had experience in the publishing world for the past seven years as an agent, an author, a consultant, an annual writing contest judge, creative writing group leader, and publishing house editor.

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Why You Want Her

Jennifer knows a good book when she sees one. Being an agent taught her to find books with great stories and how to spot one within the first three chapters. She knows how to break up info dumps and fill plot holes. Don’t know if you have these issues? Ask for a developmental edit.

Jennifer was first traditionally published by a small publisher and knows how that works as an author, but as an editor at a small publishing house, she understands both sides of the business. Need to know about how to choose the right publisher for your book? Sign up for a consultation, or send your synopsis for a sample edit and ask.

After buying back her rights from an undesirable deal, Jennifer began to self-publish and has learned how to self-publish well. Check out The Write DNA’s Academy for her class on a Step-by-step Guide to Self-Publishing a #1 New Release on Amazon. *Link coming soon*

Whether you need help with editing services, formatting help, or just advice on where you are in the process of writing, editing, publishing, and marketing, Jenn’s your go-to. If you are reaching for the Top 5, she can critique your submission materials, and give advice on the best ways to query (with rounds of ten). Don’t know what that means? Then you need to find out! Don’t query without listening to all you need to know.

There is an art to writing a good query, and synopsis, and you definitely want your sample writing to shine! Send your materials to Jennifer and she will edit and advise. FYI–the query is meant to “hook” the agent and make them want to read more, the synopsis is merely the order of scenes in your book, told in sentence format (Use your outline and DO tell us your ending!), and the sample writing lets the agent know your voice, writing style, and grammar/punctuation abilities.

It’s a big step and you don’t want just anyone “messing with” your book baby. Especially when you get what you pay for. But whatever you need, she can help. If you need a service that is not listed, please contact us to see if we have an opening and something will be worked out. Before you decide though, click on over to our Testimonials page where you can see what her other clients have to say!