The Process for Working with Jenn

1] Author sends us the ms. (manuscript) and one-half of the agreed amount for payment (if they have been given a quote). OR Author sends us the ms. to determine the amount needed for payment. Manuscripts requiring significantly lighter edits may receive a discount. We can also determine the amount of time that edits will take.

2] According to the agreed-upon date, Jenn will read the ms. and complete editing.

3] We will send back to the author the edits and Jenn’s comments for improvement. The author pays the second half of payment upon receipt.

4] The author completes edits and if they have questions or it needs another pass, they may send it back to Jenn to see if they accomplished the goal (this price includes 2 passes- but if more are necessary, we will discuss the option of another $50 pass).

*The payment button is on this page, below the contact information.

Leave your information here and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

I accept payment here or, if there is an issue, through Paypal*:

*However, do not let payment stop you from contacting me. If you need to work out a deal, I am happy to work with you. Email